The Launch Bible by Alex Jeffreys My Review

My review for Alex Jeffreys’ The Launch Bible

I just picked up Alex’s new product launch course because I’m getting close to launching my very first product.

I have been marketing online for a number of years and have never built a customer list. I’ve always heard, “The money is in the list” and now I’m being told to not just build a list but build a buyers list aka Super list.

Launch your products with help from The Launch Bible and build a super list!


What is a super list? It is an email list of people that have actually bought a product.

This type of list is so much more profitable because the people on the list are proven buyers. They have taken out their credit cards and made a concious decision to buy.

They are right… the money is in the list! I want a list of buyers and one of the best ways to build it is by offering your own products.

The problem I was facing

I don’t know the first thing about launching a product.

Where do you even begin? Where is the best place to launch? How do you get affiliates to promote for you? How do you track everything? What are the steps to take to get the biggest BANG for your buck?

Well, I found the answer… That’s The Launch Bible by Alex Jeffreys.

The Launch Bible by Alex Jeffreys

I have gone through his course and I can honestly say, when it comes time to launch my product into the internet marketing world, I will have a step by step guide to make sure that I have my funnel in place and the JV’s onboard to promote.

I didn’t realize how much was involved with a product launch. Inside The Launch Bible I was able to see exactly how Alex and his team run a successful product launch one after another.

This is the system they use every time and if you follow Alex Jefferys, then you’re aware of his success. Alex Jeffreys knows his sh*t when it comes to internet marketing.

Get Access Here To The Launch Bible

I have been following him for awhile now and have bought his latest products. The Digital Millionaire Mastermind course for me was also PURE GOLD! You should check it out if you want to get a good handle on product creation. It has given me the confidence to create my own products.

What’s inside The Launch Bible?

*You start with the Pre-Pre Launch promotions and the 4 things you need to do.

*Alex covers product creation and a simple formula he uses for naming his products.

*Creating the JV Page – Things you should do to help out the lazy affiliates and increase sales. I discovered what I should include on the JV page to make my life easier the next time I launch a product.

*Creating the Thank You Page and what should be included.

*Creating the Sales Page – Alex talks about how to structure the sales letter for the most bang.

*Creating the Funnel – He covers OTO’s, autoresponders, buy buttons and testing

*Pre-Launch Promos – This is about getting things geared up

*The Launch – There’s a lot going and Alex explains it all and how to keep the ball rolling to get more sales

*Post Launch – What happens after the launch? Alex tells you what you should do next.


I really like Alex Jeffreys products. He keeps it real and he has a way to explain the process that makes it really easy to understand. I have learned a ton of information from him. He is certainly one of the good guys.

I’m really excited now that I have a step-by-step course and the confidence going forward to launch my own products. He laid out a simple process to bring affiliates on board to promote and best of all, bring in FREE traffic to get the best out of my launches.

I hope The Launch Bible review video helped you or if you want more information you can check out his official website here.

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