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SEOPressor Version 5 Great Stuff Coming Soon!

SEOPressor Version 5 Soon To Be Released!


I just wanted to let everyone know that my favorite on page SEO WordPress plugin, SEOPressor will be coming out with a new updated version. Daniel Tan will be announcing the arrival of SEOPressor Version 5 in the coming days.

Since 2010, SEOPressor has been evolving into what it is today, which is only some of the best on page SEO optimization software available on the market today.

SEOPressor Version 5 coming soonDaniel Tan and his 9 full-time programming, marketing and seo experts have worked many hours and tested over 2,000 sites to make sure SEOPressor Version 5 will continue to be a top premium WordPress plugin.

The new release will come with 5 new killer features in addition to the on-page SEO checks that I already enjoy now with the existing version!

For those that don’t know, here’s some…


SEOPressor Fast Fun Facts!

  • Featured on TimesUnion
  • 3 years of successful business excellence
  • Voted Top Premium Plugin for 2012 by SitePoint
  • Powering more than 15 million pages on WordPress
  • Most highly rated plugin for over 40,000 satisfied WordPress users
  • Optimized more than 128K unique domain names (that their able to track)
  • Pushed more pages onto the first page of Google than any other plugin (to their knowledge)
  • Most maintained WordPress plugin (to their belief)

Watch what SEOPressor can do for you!

When will SEOPressor Version 5 be released?


It looks like the the official relaunch date is January 24, 2013.  Man does it ever, look like it is primed to be another top premium WordPress plugin as well as take the internet market by storm once again!

Should you purchase Version 4 now (which you won’t regret) you will get SEOPressor Version 5 at no extra charge.


CLICK HERE to take a look at the plugin and SEOPressor Version 5!

SEOPressor Plugin – Get The Power Of On Page Leverage

Crush Your Niche With The SEOPressor Plugin!


Hey it’s Chuck Smith again and the moment you have been anxiously waiting for is finally here!!!

Today June 28th

SEOPressor Is Live!

Now, you can get your hands on the best plugin for SEO period. If you can’t wait any longer…

Go To The Official Website of SEOPressor Now!


This not some useless ebook setting on your hardrive. This is more practical because it is a WordPress Plugin. Daniel Tan, who by the way, owns his own SEO Company and uses his personal plugin to help many businesses and industries with their SEO promotion.

When you use the SEOPressor…

It will analyze and rate the relevancy of your keywords to your post. How cool is that? This on page SEO plugin, in my opinion, is the best thing since indoor plumbing or is it toilet paper. Anyway, you can decide.

Why should you get the SEOPressor plug in for WordPress?

Because it is…

Brain dead simple to optimize your on page SEO. That is half the battle of ranking on the first page of the search engines!

SEOPressor Plugin WordPress

SEOPressor Plugin For WordPress

SEOPressor Plugin Will Perform All Of The Following:


– Analyze your Title, H1, H2 and H3 Tags

– Analyze your keyword density and content length

– Analyze the exact placement of your keyword in the first paragraph

– Analyze images to make sure the alt is optimized

– Analyze your link structures

– Analyze bold, italic, underline fonts

– Automatically bold, italicize and underline your keyword

– Intelligently optimizes title and image alt tag

– Calculates an SEO score to show you how well you optimized the post


Best of all,  SEOPressor  will…

– Intelligently suggest to you how to improve your on-page SEO!

If you can see this little but powerful SEO plugin is the best thing since toilet paper…

Go to SEOPressor now and dominate your niche!


I don’t know about you but this SEO marketing plugin makes it stupid easy to change what is necessary to get better optimized posts or pages for your WordPress blogs. This is exactly what the search engines want to give their searchers.

You are probably like me and trying to get the most out of the little time you have dedicated to your internet marketing business. I know it’s hard, everyone is in need of your time and that’s great, we should spend time with our families but it seems as though, there is just not enough hours in the day.

My time is limited as well as my funds. I’m not lazy but I don’t want to spend a lot of time writing articles to get traffic. I know there is an easier way to get more traffic.

Search engines have the power to make or break you!

I know the search engines will provide the top sites they believe is the most relevant for the keywords searched.

Search engine optimization is extremely powerful so why not utilize that power.

With the SEOPressor plugin I can help Google, Yahoo and Bing to see, by gosh, that my site is relevant to the search term and should be #1 because I have everything they are looking for in a relevant site.

I am using the Seopressor plugin and I absolutely love it. I haven’t been in this internet marketing business very long but long enough to know that I needed help optimizing my websites and pages. This is definitely worth the money. I’m able to optimize any of my sites for my keywords.

SEOPressor might not be the magic bullet but Daniel Tan definitely hit the bulls eye with this one.

Seriously, all I can say is…

Get your SEOPressor Plugin now!


Can You Afford To Be Without The Power Of SEOPressor Plugin?

SeoPressor Plugin For WordPress By Daniel Tan Coming Soon

SEOPressor Plugin – Killer Plugin Soon To Be Released!


I wanted to put this little blog up for the benefit of all internet marketers who want that edge with search engine optimization with the new SEOPressor plugin. Revolutionize your on page SEO with Daniel Tan’s new WordPress plugin. Soon to be released June 28th 2010, 10am EST! This little plugin is going to reduce the time that you will spend trying to optimize your on page SEO.

Daniel Tan known as the “SEO Guy” is going to release his personal plugin that has helped him with his seo marketing to gain top rankings for his keywords and sites.

For those of you that don’t know Daniel Tan he is the creator of The Backlink Syndication System, Move Ranker and now the SEOPressor plugin! You should see all the comments about Daniel Tan at the Warrior forum.

People are buying his products without even going over the sales copy. Why? Because his stuff is that good! I know, I have purchased his recent products and I’m amazed at the information that he includes in his products and this is no different. This is the perfect little plugin for seo optimization.

What is SEOPressor Plugin?

It is a WordPress plugin that will tell you exactly what needs to be optimized on your page so that your page will enter Google and be able to pull in more traffic and you know what that means… more money!

Daniel Tan’s personal seo plugin will take the guess work out of your hands of on page seo and tells you exactly what you should do to optimize your site for seo positioning it even helps with seo page titles.

I currently have this killer seo plugin installed on my websites. My sites were all ready optimized from 22%-44% before the installation of Seopressor. What has surprised me is the fact that the plugin has alerted me to several items that I can and will change to increase my on page seo. This will give my sites a better rankings thus more traffic and sales.

It is so easy to miss out on important criteria’s that will jeopardize your SEO scores! I wanted a plugin that would take the guess work out of my on page SEO.

The ideal situation…

A script that would actually test the on page Seo factors!

That’s why I purchased the SeoPressor plugin.

I wanted something more up to date, efficient and reliable than a manual SEO check list.