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Google’s Love Affair With SEOPressor Plugin V5

Google Love’s SEOPressor

Of course, we all want to be on the first page of Google, especially the #1 position. Unfortunately, there are only 10 free positions. In order to rank it doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle.

Check this out… The WordPress SEOPressor plugin was voted by SitePoint in 2012 to be a Top 10 Best SEO Plugin because of its ability to highly optimize your on page SEO factors. The plugin will beat your best efforts and out rank 90% of other websites. It will help your sites to get on page 1.

Check Out What SEOPressor Plugin Can Do For You


SEOPressor Plugin Version 5

This not just a simple plugin; this is a premium SEO WordPress plugin that has taken many websites from nowhere to a first page rankings including myself, will testify!

I like it because it checks my posts/pages and makes sure I don’t miss any important on page ranking factors, which is real easy to do. I can use any help I can get, plus it gives me an advantage over other marketers in my niche. One thing I’ve noticed, you don’t as many backlinks to get on the first page. So, it save me time and money!

128,000 WordPress Users Love SEOPressor Plugin

Wow, 128,000 WordPress users and I know for a fact there are over 128,825 sites using this powerful SEO ranking software. In fact, there one license that has about 2,191 domains under it. You know they are making some BANK!

  • How effective is your on page SEO?
  • Where do your sites rank?
  • Any closer to moving onto the first page and into the HIGHLY coveted #1 ranking?
  • Think you’ll get there before the turn of the century?

What’s that?

Your site’s not winning the popularity contest with GOOGLE.

Google Love SEOPressor

Can’t say I’m not surprised. Just take a look at all the competition in your niche. Shoot, any niche for that matter.

You have to stop and think…

You know there’s on page SEO and off page SEO for ranking websites. All right, you have your content up, sites looking good. Now you are ready for thousands of visitors to come to your site because you have spent countless hours putting together the perfect site. You have your backlinking plan of action in place, it’s chugging along… and along… and along.

You’re building countless backlinks but your site is not anywhere close to seeing the light of day.

What in the world do you do now?

First of all, take a break from all the backlinking and… watch this video.



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Have you ever thought maybe you should…

Focus more on the relevancy of your site, the on page factors that appeal even more to Google’s Algorithm.

What’s that?

You have all ready done your on page SEO or think it’s done correctly. Not real sure???

Have no fear – SEOPressor is here!

This amazing WordPress plugin is great piece of SEO ranking software that will help with your site’s on page leverage. This powerful website SEO tool will FOCUS on your main keyword for your post’s or page’s. With the updated Version 5, it can now optimize up to 3 keywords. Not only that, Daniel Tan’s WordPress plugin  will…

Automate your on-page SEO checklist therefore making your site more relevant to the “Big G” and other search engines.

How Does The SEOPressor Plugin Work?

In a nut shell, it will analyze your…

  • Title, h1, h2 and h3 tags
  • Keyword density and content length
  • Exact keyword placement in the first paragraph
  • Optimize Alt tags in images
  • Link structures
  • Font decorations


  • Bold, italicize and underline your keyword
  • Optimize title image Alt tags
  • Test and rate each post and page
  • Calculate SEO scores for your on-page optimization
  • Suggest how to improve your on-page SEO
  • Recalculate SEO scores when post changes

The On Page SEO Plugin…

  • Comes with a secret algorithm that correlates with Google
  • Intelligently gives suggestions to further optimize pages
  • Pump your WordPress site high up in search engines
  • Drives red hot targeted traffic to your website

Don’t under estimate the power of on-page SEO leverage. It’s half the equation for search engine optimization.

If you’re ready to really MAXIMIZE your on page efforts and have a love affair with Google because of your HIGHLY relevant site then…


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