Free List Building System For Newbies My List Spark Review

Is List Spark Free List Building System Designed For Newbies?

I did a quick video to take you inside the List Spark system’s dashboard and give you a review of what you can expect once a member for this “free list building system.”

Okay, How newbie friendly is the List Spark list building system? Let’s take a look…

CLICK HERE To Get Started Building Your Email List

I’m sure you have heard, if you want to build a real online business it is crucial to build an email list. How many time have you heard this “The money is in the list”?

List Spark is a web based software system where you can sign up for free and start building an email list today. The one thing you will need to get is an autoresponder. This will allow you to send messages and promotions to your list. The two autoresponders that work with List Spark are Aweber or GetResponse with Aweber being their preferred autoresponder.

Myself, I already have Getresponse because JVZoo supports it. If you’re using GetResponse there are tutorials for integrating it with the system. I didn’t have any problems setting things up on my end.

If you are ready to get started building your list click on the image below!
List Spark email system

The List Spark is a new way and new technology which builds your list with quality leads. It is free to join and you can stay on the free plan as long as you want building your list the whole time.

If you don’t know where or how to get started building a list then List Spark is for you. Where else can you go and build an email list for free? I’ll tell you, no where! There is nothing like this as of writing this post.

Is There A Catch For Building Your List For FREE?

List Spark, in my humble (but accurate) opinion, is the perfect opportunity for anyone to start building a real online business asset. List Spark is all-in-one viral email list building system. It combines absolutely everything you need in order to start making money online.

So what’s the catch?

When you sign up to build your valuable email list with the free version, the first 5 subscribers you sign up will go to the person that signed you up. After that every person who signs up with your tracking cookie is placed on your email list.

Really, 5 subscribers is a small price to pay to start building such a valuable assest as your own email list.

Now, if you want to keep ALL subscribers from the begining then you need to opt for the Pro account. I did and I will tell you why.

When you get the Pro account for $19.95 a month not only do do you get to keep the first 5 subscribers but anyone that becomes your free subscriber you will get their first 5 subscribers put on your list!

If a free subscriber decides to upgrade you will make monthly reoccuring commissions of 90% of the monthly fee. You can earn money while other people are building your list!

One more benefit of going Pro, you get a daily done-for-you email that you can copy and paste to send out to your list. These are high quality offers from JVZoo from reputable marketers.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a dime online, you don’t have any money to invest, you have no previous experience in the field and that you have no clue how to run an online business List Spark can help you!

I hope you found my List Spark review helpful. Emka can explain it in more detail so if you are wanting to get started…

You can check out List Spark email list building system here.

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