Write SEO Page Titles That Convert!

Get The Results You Want With SEO Page Titles!


Hey Chuck here and I wanted to share a video with you. This video has some great tips about how to write search engine optimization page titles. You will also get examples of titles that will not convert as well. If you use plain titles they are not going to bring you any traffic.

What is the point of being on page 1 if no one is going to click on your website? These are prospective buyers that will never visit your site again because your page title is not interesting enough to get them to take action.

Why use a title that is not optimized or is not going to hook your potential customers?

Many people believe your SEO page titlesĀ are the most important component of your site.


Go and watch this video now! I’m sure it will answer a few of your questions.

Your page title is the first thing that searchers will see. So it is important that you have something in the title that will catch their eye or at least arouse their curiosity. You should start with your keywords as close to the beginning of the title as possible.

Try to mention a benefit or promise something if they were to read your article or blog.

Your page title is also seen by the search engines and their goal is to provide the most relevant up to date quality content for the keywords that were typed in.

If you want to improve your sites total search engine ranking then you should watch this SEO marketing video.

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