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Hey Chuck Smith here and welcome to SEOPressor.info, this is my site I built to get the word out about Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor plugin.

SEOPressor Plugin User

I Use The SEOPressor Plugin

Being an internet marketer I’m an affiliate for SEOPressor so if you buy through my link I get paid a commission. I bought the plugin when Daniel officially launched it on the Warrior Forum back in May of 2010. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years and I still use the plugin on my sites. I really like that the SEOPressor plugin will tell me what I need to change or add to optimize each post or page.

While this site was set up for this plugin I have had people ask me about other IM products, tools and software that I use. You will be able access those on the sidebar of this blog. I have started reviewing the latest IM products that I believe would be useful for other marketers. Some of these products I’m currently using, have used or made a review because I truly believe they would help you to succeed in you quest to making money online.

I love Internet Marketing, discussing the latest hot products, creating videos. I’m currently working on creating my first digital product and building a list.

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